Sant Joan

La revetlla de Sant Joan” is the celebration of Spanish midsummer’s eve which takes place every year in Spain and Barcelona on the evening of 23rd June. It’s a festive, noisy and fiery night!

Sant Joan in Spain is the midsummer solstice celebration marking the start of the summer season and the day with the longest period of daylight in the year, not to be confused with the “Equinox”, which are the days, when the day has equal lengths of day and night.  The Equinoxes occurs twice a year usually in March and September. In Spain and Barcelona the Sant Joan celebrations are on the evening of the 23rd June. The day after is the 24th June and this is  Saint John’s day and a public holiday in Catalonia and Spain. The Sant Joan parties take place from sundown to sunrise on the night before Saint John’s day and most of them are at the beach. The Sant Joan festival is also called “La Nit de Sant Joan” – the night of Saint John.

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