Another year more, the exit and arrival of the race will be held at Reina María Cristina avenue. The limit of time to end it is 6 hours from the beginning. Following the RFEA and IAAF rules, every 5 kilometres will be a point of provisioning. This areas will dispose water, isotonic drinks, fruits, vassili…

The organization will offer to the participants a group of seven different hares that will mark a fixed rhythm during the race to make different marks. They will run the marathon in 2.45 h, 3.00 h, 3.15 h, 3.30 h, 3.45 h, 4.00 h y 4.30 h respectively.

Exit is at 8:30 AM in Av. Reina María Cristina.
Arrival of the fist runner: 10:40 AM to Av. María Cristina.

Sub 23: 18-22 years
Senior: 23-34 years
Veterans A: 35-44 years
Veterans B: 45-54 years
Veterans C: 55-64 years
Veterans D: more than 65 years

Sunday of the race from 6am
Where: Fira de Barcelona – Palace 8

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