Saturday June 02
Artist Stage Hour
Abdus adidas Originals stage 00:30
Anímic Minimúsica (Parc del Fòrum)
Anímic Pitchfork Stage 17:00
April Fool’s Day Parc de la Ciutadella (Stage 1) 12:00
Astro adidas Originals stage 17:00
Atlas Sound Pitchfork Stage 20:45
Atleta Vice stage 18:00
Autumn Comets Salón Myspace Smint 19:30
Beach Beach Minimúsica (Parc del Fòrum)
Beach House MINI stage 21:45
Bleached Parc de la Ciutadella (Stage 2) 15:15
Buffy Sainte-Marie Auditori Rockdelux 20:30
Cadence Weapon adidas Originals stage 01:45
Candela y Los Supremos Minimúsica (Parc del Fòrum)
Christina Rosenvinge Ray-Ban Unplugged 20:15
Chromatics Pitchfork Stage 23:15
Demdike Stare ATP stage 21:45
Dirty Beaches Parc de la Ciutadella (Stage 1) 13:00
DJ Coco ATP stage 03:15
Doble Pletina Minimúsica (Parc del Fòrum)
Dominique A Ray-Ban stage 21:45
Father John Misty Auditori Rockdelux 16:00
Forest Swords ATP stage 20:30
Gabriel y Vencerás Salón Myspace Smint 17:00
Germana Minimúsica (Parc del Fòrum)
Girls Names Ray-Ban Unplugged 18:10
Girls Names Vice stage 20:30
Godflesh ATP stage 00:30
Grupo de Expertos Solynieve MINI stage 20:15
Hanni El Khatib MINI stage 23:15
Hazte Lapón Salón Myspace Smint 18:30
Hype Williams Vice stage 00:00
Inborn! adidas Originals stage 20:45
James Ferraro Pitchfork Stage 19:30
Jamie xx Vice stage 02:15
Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) Auditori Rockdelux 19:00
Jenn Grant adidas Originals stage 18:15
Josh T. Pearson Auditori Rockdelux 22:00
Justice live San Miguel Stage 01:45
King Of The Opera adidas Originals stage 19:30
Kings Of Convenience San Miguel Stage 20:30
Las Nurses Salón Myspace Smint 18:00
LFO MINI stage 02:30
Lisabö Ray-Ban stage 19:20
Los Negretes Salón Myspace Smint 19:00
Michael Gira Auditori Rockdelux 17:30
Milagres Ray-Ban Unplugged 21:30
Milagres Vice stage 19:15
Mujeres Vice stage 01:15
Mutiny on the Bounty adidas Originals stage 23:15
Nat Simons Salón Myspace Smint 16:30
Neon Indian Ray-Ban stage 03:10
Nick Garrie plays The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas Parc de la Ciutadella (Stage 2) 13:45
Numbers showcase: Jackmaster, Oneman, Deadboy, Spencer, Redinho Pitchfork Stage 03:00
Obits Parc de la Ciutadella (Stage 1) 14:30
Odio París Red Bull Tour Bus 17:00
OFF! Vice stage 22:55
Pional (Live) Vice stage 04:15
Real Estate Pitchfork Stage 22:00
Refree Ray-Ban stage 17:00
Saint Etienne San Miguel Stage 23:00
Sandro Perri Pitchfork Stage 18:15
Scuba Ray-Ban stage 04:15
Senior i El Cor Brutal Vice stage 17:00
Sharon Van Etten San Miguel Stage 18:10
Sharon Van Etten Ray-Ban Unplugged 23:30
Shellac ATP stage 23:00
Sleepy Sun ATP stage 19:15
Stasi Salón Myspace Smint 17:30
Tall Firs ATP stage 18:00
The Free Fall Band Parc de la Ciutadella (Stage 2) 12:30
The Olivia Tremor Control Vice stage 21:45
The Pop Group ATP stage 02:00
The Right Ons MINI stage 18:00
The Right Ons Salón Myspace Smint 20:30
The Weeknd Pitchfork Stage 00:30
Tigercats Red Bull Tour Bus 16:00
Trud adidas Originals stage 22:00
Veronica Falls MINI stage 19:00
Villarroel Salón Myspace Smint 20:00
Washed Out Pitchfork Stage 02:00
Wild Beasts Ray-Ban stage 00:30
Yo La Tengo MINI stage 00:45

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