In the “Teatre Poliorama” and during the next few months, October, November and December, two new shows will debut within the framework of the series Live Theatre! dedicated to the kings of the house, the little ones.

Es aquí dónde se presentará la obra “Les princeses també es tiren pets” y, en el Romea, se estrenará el espectáculo “Perduts a la Viquipèdia”.
Here is where will present the play of “The princess get farting as well” and, in “Romea Theatre”, the show “Lost in to Wikipedia” will be presented.

The first “The princess get farting as well” tells the story of the Mirror Queen who wants to find the book in which are written all the secrets of the most famous princesses in the world. From here begins a wild adventure where the end is shown that perfection does not exist and no need to.

As for ” Lost in to Wikipedia” this is a show where it joins family drama and Sciences, starring children and adults who help us see the world from a scientific standpoint.

Metro: Liceu and Plaza Catalunya

Address: Rambla dels Estudis, 115

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