Friday June 01
Artist Stage Hour
ATP stage
Aeroplane Ray-Ban stage 04:15
Afrocubism Ray-Ban stage 21:00
AraabMUZIK Pitchfork Stage 02:45
Aurora Red Bull Tour Bus 16:00
Barry Hogan DJ (ATP) ATP stage 03:00
Beach Beach Ray-Ban Unplugged 18:10
Beach Beach Pitchfork Stage 17:00
Benga (Live) Ray-Ban stage 03:10
Bernhard Fleischmann adidas Originals stage 22:00
Big Star’s Third Auditori Rockdelux 21:45
Bigott Ray-Ban Unplugged 20:15
Bigott MINI stage 18:00
Boxeur the Coeur adidas Originals stage 18:15
Capitán Salón Myspace Smint 19:30
Chavez MINI stage 19:00
Christina Rosenvinge MINI stage 21:45
Codeine ATP stage 00:45
Cuchillo Ray-Ban stage 17:00
Death In Vegas MINI stage 02:15
Dirty Beaches Pitchfork Stage 19:15
Dirty Three ATP stage 23:15
Ed Wood adidas Originals stage 01:45
El Faro Salón Myspace Smint 18:30
Evripidis and His Tragedies Salón Myspace Smint 19:00
Fasenuova Vice stage 18:00
Fernando Milagros Salón Myspace Smint 20:00
Foam Lake adidas Originals stage 20:45
Girls MINI stage 20:15
Gudar Salón Myspace Smint 18:00
Harvey Milk Vice stage 20:30
I Break Horses ATP stage 20:30
Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) Auditori Rockdelux 18:30
Joe Crepúsculo Ray-Ban Unplugged 23:30
Kristen adidas Originals stage 00:30
Laura Marling Auditori Rockdelux 17:15
Liturgy Vice stage 21:45
Liz Coyles adidas Originals stage 17:00
Lower Dens Pitchfork Stage 20:30
M83 MINI stage 00:45
Main ATP stage 02:15
Marianne Faithfull Auditori Rockdelux 20:00
Matías Aguayo Pitchfork Stage 04:00
Mayhem Vice stage 00:15
Megaphone Ou La Mort Salón Myspace Smint 17:00
Melvins ATP stage 21:45
Milk Music Pitchfork Stage 18:00
Napalm Death Vice stage 23:00
Napszyklat adidas Originals stage 19:30
Nick Garrie plays The Nightmare Of J.B. Stanislas Auditori Rockdelux 16:00
Obits Vice stage 03:00
Orthodox Vice stage 19:15
Other Lives San Miguel Stage 17:55
Picore Vice stage 17:00
Rebolledo Pitchfork Stage 04:00
Royal Baths Red Bull Tour Bus 17:00
Rufus Wainwright and his Band San Miguel Stage 19:50
Santa Rita Salón Myspace Smint 17:30
SBTRKT Pitchfork Stage 01:30
Siskiyou Ray-Ban Unplugged 22:30
Siskiyou ATP stage 19:15
Sleigh Bells Pitchfork Stage 23:00
Templeton Salón Myspace Smint 20:30
The Chameleons Ray-Ban stage 18:50
The Cure San Miguel Stage 22:10
The Drums Ray-Ban stage 00:50
The Ganjas adidas Originals stage 23:15
The Men Vice stage 01:45
The Rapture San Miguel Stage 02:00
The War On Drugs Pitchfork Stage 21:45
Trash Talk Pitchfork Stage 00:15
Wavves MINI stage 23:15

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