During almost three decades since they started, Pixar has won 25 Oscars, 11  Grammies and 7 Golden Globes. Who does not know the clown fish from “Finding Nemo“, the adventures of the dolls from “Toy Story” or cooker rat of  “Ratatouille“?

During these years the American company has earned 8.5 billion and created numerous characters that entertain both children and parents. Storyboards, models and explanations of the technology used to create these familiar characters can be found at the exhibition. CaixaForum pays tribute to Pixar, with an exhibition that was created at the MoMA in New York with, an exhibition that will be on display from 6th February to May.

Price: 4 €

Address: Av Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 6-8.

Metro: Spain Square

The Urban Suites are just 10 minutes walk from the CaixaForum in Barcelona, you can check the availability or fill out the request form!

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