Civil War Tour

Would you like to know how people from Barcelona lived during the Spanish civil War? Yes? Then you should make the Civil War Tour

We have to recognize, not without certain shame, that until today we did not know that this tour exists. Thanks to a very nice Australian that came to ask for information to the reception, we not only discovered it, we have seen also that is one of the best rated tours by the travelers in TripAdvisor. It does not sound badly until here, right? So then, keep it reading.

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World Magic Cup 2015

From 11st to 13rd december, World Magic Cup 2015 will be held at the Montjuic Showground of Fira Barcelona

world magic cup

Magic World Cup 2015 is an annual three-day event in which participants from all nations of the world gather to compete in the collectible card game Magic The Gathering. 70 countries will be represented, this time in Barcelona, in teams of four for the World Magic Cup, a multi-format event.
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Beefeater In Edit 2015

Beefeater In Edit 2015 will be held from 29th october to 8th November in Barcelona


The current edition of the festival of music documentaries Edit Beefeater In 2015 comes loaded with pearls. Tony Palmer will be the honored director, he has directed more than one hundred films, among which the highlights are All you need is love – The Beatles, All my loving and Bird on a wire, all of them will be screened during these days.
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Interesting concerts in Barcelona

The autumn and melancholy will start in less than two weeks. But watching the quantity of interesting concerts in Barcelona that will take place between October and Decerber, it is less sad to leave the summer behind.

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BBVA League 2015-2016 Calendar at Camp Nou  

The BBVA League 2015-2016 has already started at Camp Nou

2015 was a good year for Barça, its Champions League, La Liga, Copa del Rey victories and UEFA award as best player in Europe to Leo Mesi are proof of it. This is the third time the club wins three championship and second that Argentina takes this recognition.


liga bbva 2014-2015 Below you will find the full FC Barcelona Calendar of the BBVA League 2015-2016 at the Camp Nou . Some of the dates are subject to change, since they depend on the results of the Champions League.
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Popular party: La Mercè 2015

From 18th to 24th september the popular parties of La Mercè 2015 will be held in Barcelona 

la mercè 2015

la mercè 2015

The Cascade space at Ciutadella Park will be the main character of this popular party, we will be able to introduce ourselves on its audiovisual show “Stargate” (Puerta estelar), into the Navecultural plane. This project is a giant sculpture by artist Eduardo Cajal, that symbolize the opening to the five continents. The installation combines advances in computer technology, electrical engineering and design. The interior is riddled with RGB LED strips, which will create an immersive atmosphere, with audiovisual works by three artists: Eloi Maduell and Santi Vilanova (Playmodes) and Alex Posada (MID).

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Sala Montjuic 2015 program

A few days ago the open air cinema festival began at Sala Montjuic, located in the castle gardens. The program this year is very powerful, until now the films that have been broadcast are: 10,000km, Cinema Paradiso and Boyhood. Today you can see Amercian Hustle.

sala montjuic

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Mosques in Barcelona

It is Ramadam untill 18th July, that´s why we have made a list of mosques in Barcelona. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim lunar year, during this month muslims do not eat during the day, until the night arrives

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Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya de MotoGP™ 2015

Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya de MotoGP 2015 will be held from 12nd to 15th June at Circuit de Barcelona

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Foo Fighters will perform next 19th November at Sant Jordi Palace

Dave Grohl’s band will give an unique concert in Spain, it will take place at Sant Jordi Palace in Barcelona next 19th November. The former drummer of Nirvana, mythical band of the nineties, leads one of the most representative bands of American rock, with which celebrates 20 years on this tour.

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