Philippe Halsman exhibition at CaixaForum

More than 300 pictures of the American – Latvian photographer are on display until 6th November in CaixaForum Barcelona

You may not recognize the name of one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century, but it is almost impossible for you not to recognize his photographs, since for decades he portrayed famous people ranging from Marilyn Monroe, Dali, Einstein, Mohamed Ali , Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock, Frank Sinatra or Winston Churchill.
Dali atomicus

His work had such quality that Life magazine gave him all he needed to make possible the more than 100 covers he published on the publication.

During more than 40 years he was Dalí´s friend, who for years had a clear influence on Halsman´s work. He was a friend of Einstein, a Sigmund Freud´s patient …
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The night of the museums in Barcelona

A cultural saturday night plan: “THE NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMS” Saturday May 21st from 19h to 1h 

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Celebrate spring at Girona temps de flors

From 7th to 15th May, Girona temps de flors will inundate all neighborhoods

GIRONA TEMPS DE FLORS (Girona Flower Time) is the most international festival of Girona where floral decorations and art installations in monuments, patios and gardens fill the old quarter and other neighborhoods of the city from May 7th to May 15th. A total of 179 projects located in 134 spaces full of art, color and spring scent that are free and open to the public.

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Open Camp Europe

On June 16th opens the Open Camp Europe at the Olympic Ring Montjuic, first park in the world dedicated to sport.

According to its web, “The OPEN CAMP parks will, for the first time ever, offer millions of sports fans worldwide, of all ages and backgrounds, unique sensations and the chance to experience real emotions based on experiences, attractions and exhibitions -made possible by advanced technology and the revitalisation of the Olympic facilities in one of the world’s major cities.Read More

5 excellent halal restaurants in Barcelona

Many of our guests come from Arab cultures and ask for halal restaurants in Barcelona

Thali - Bombay Spicy

Thali – pictures from Bombay Spicy

For this reason, we have encouraged ourselves to write this post, because more than once we asked them: what is halal?

The word “Halal” in Arabic means lawful and its application to gastronomy describes those foods and beverages that in Muslim culture are allowed to eat and accepted by Islamic law.

According to halal food authority, “since pork is forbidden, halal slaughtering must not be done where pigs are slaughtered or in the vicinity of pigs slaughtering area. There are a few more edicts and rules that have to be followed in the interest of animal welfare. For example, animal has to be fed as normal and given water prior to slaughter, one animal must not see the other being slaughtered, knife should be four times the size of the neck and razor sharp, and as far as possible the slaughterer and the animal should face the Qibla or Mecca and the animal must not be suffering from any ailments or any lacerations.” 

Then we leave our selection of halal restaurants in Barcelona:

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5 music festivals in Barcelona that you don´t want to miss in 2016

It is better that you start now to save money for the future music festivals in Barcelona that will take place during the Spring / Summer time. The date of the desired festival will arrive before you realise and you want to be ready for it. That´s why we have made a list of the best festivals in Barcelona during 2016.
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How to get to Barcelona from Reus Airport

If you have bought your low cost ticket to Reus Airport, to come to Barcelona, don´t you worry, we will show you how to get from Reus Airport to Barcelona and vice versa.

Hispano Igualadina

Hispano Igualadina


It is the best option, you will find the bus stop just when you go out from the airport building.

The company is called Hispano Igualadina.

To go from Reus airport to Barcelona, you must buy the tickets at Hispano Igualadina office inside the airport. You must hurry because the schedules between landing and the exit of the bus are pretty tight. The stop in Barcelona is Sants Station.

To go from Barcelona to Reus Airport, you have  to catch the bus at Sants station. You have to buy the ticket at the office, not inside the bus.

To view bus schedules Hispano Igualadina click here.

Price: € 15 go – € 30 return

Website: – cannot buy tickets online

Phone: (+34) 902 44 77 26 (switchboard) or (+34) 93 339 63 63 (office Sants station)


Every hour there is a train running from the train station in Reus. The bus number 50 takes you up there, but the other option is to take a taxi which will cost you about 15-20 €. The trip from Reus Train Station takes about an hour and a half.

You can see the schedule on page RENFE.

Companies and destiny:

Manchester, Belfast and Newcastle


Birmingham, Bremen, Bristol, Bruselas, Cork, Dublin, Dusseldorf Weeze, East Midlands, Eindhoven, Frankfurk Hahn, Glasgow Prestwick, Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, London Luton, London Stansted, Manchester, Oslo Rygge, Palma and Santiago


The Urban Suites is a great accommodation near Sants Station, check availability.


Some recommendations for families during Holy Week in Barcelona

Although Spring started with rain in Barcelona, during the Holy Week the weather will be nicer in this area of the Mediterraneo than in the rest of Spain, according to the Statal Meteorologic Agency. If this issue affected to the destiny decision for your holidays, you have a magnific option in Barcelona.

There are a variety of activities to do with kids on Easter in Barcelona, in which none of the two parties will get bored. Visit the zoo or aquarium, stroll along La Rambla…

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Will you run the Mitja Marató next 14th February in Barcelona?

The streets of Barcelona will be plenty of runners next 14th February

half marathon barcelona

half marathon barcelona

Below we leave you some advices if you think about running the Mitja Marató:

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Keep the flame of love in Saint Valentine´s

It does not matter if you have a four months or ten years relationship, it is important to be conscious that you have to take care of your couple, keep the flame on, during Saint Valentine´s day or any day of the year.

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