February concerts in Barcelona

Who does say that during the winter there are no interesting plans in Barcelona?

Metallica will perform on February 7th at the Palau Sant Jordi

We’re sorry to make you green with envy in case you wanted to go to see the Metallica concert on the Worldwide tour, because there are no tickets left. But you will be awarer next time 😉

On February 21st the Swedish band Mando Diao will play in the Sala Apolo

Since they started in 2002 with their album ‘Bring’Em In’, the Swedish indie rock band has not stopped harvesting hits around the world. His latest work ‘Good Times’ is being well received by critics and public. If you like them, do not miss the opportunity to see them in Apolo..

Liam Gallagher returns to Barcelona to play at the Razzmatazz on 23 and 24 February

He was the half of the Bristish band Oasis and now, with his solo project, Liam receives praise from the music critic with his solo debut “As you were”.

If you are looking for a suite in Barcelona during the date of the concert, you can check availability on our website.

Which is the plan for New Year´s Eve 2017 in Barcelona?

New Year´s Eve 2017 is approaching and we have started to listen to our friends the typical question of every year at this point: what will you do the 31st? Some of them want to finish the year quietly and others feel like crazy party. As for the first, we will post in the next few days various proposals for dinner easy and relaxly, which also serves for the seconds, and for the seconds, we have prepared this list with which seem to be the best parties to end year in Barcelona.

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Musical and fantastic fall in Barcelona

The return to school has been hard for everyone, the summer and holidays are over for the vast majority of us… But looking at the immediate autumn in Barcelona and seeing all the cultural proposals that are to come, does nothing more than encourage this rare period.

festival de cine de sitges

Sitges Film Festival is going to celebrate its 50th anniversary from 5th to 15th October

“La forma del agua”, winner of the Golden Lion of Venice, inaugurates a new edition of Sitges Film Festival that makes homage to the classics. According to the festival itself, the  four guests of this year: Guillermo del Toro, Susan Sarandon, Dario Argento and William Friedkin, “are the key to understanding the evolution that the fantastic cinema has experienced in the last decades.”


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4 vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Barcelona that we love

Barcelona offers a multitude of alternatives to vegetarians and vegans

In fact, it is increasingly common to find vegetarian restaurants and/or vegans which are aware that their products, especially fruits and vegetables, are zero km, being more fresh and organic. This trend is also called “Slow food“, which is born in counterpart to fast food, with the following advantages:

1. Ecological: The international transport of food has a high environmental impact, the pollution caused by the fuel, the need for packaging …

2. Economic: It supports small and medium producers, who are unable to fight with the low prices that large corporations sell. It strengthens the local economy by generating employment.

3. Social: Consumers are more concerned about what they consume and aware that there are healthier and better alternatives at a local level.

We have made a selection of our favorite vegetarian restaurants, but keep in mind that there is a huge offer all around the city.
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Concert and guided tour at Palace of Catalan Music

palau de la musica

Palace of Catalan Music is one of the most emblematic modernist buildings in Barcelona

It was built between 1905 and 1908 by the modernist architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner as the headquarters of the Catalan Orfeo. It was declared World Heritage by Unesco in December 1997. The building is a magic box in which all the applied arts are combined: sculpture, mosaic, stained glass and forge.

The music palace offers guided tours through its different rooms and it is possible to enjoy a 15 minute organ or piano concert, for a price of € 25. The concert takes place in Sala Lluis Millet, the founder of Orfeo Catalán. This room is beautiful and stands out for its mosaics, ceramics and wrought iron. Music pieces of Bach, Mozart or Wagner are played in the short concerts.

This tour lasts 55 minutes.

On September 11st there is a special visit due to the National Day of Catalonia or Day Eleven of September (it is an annual commemoration reminding the last defense of Barcelona on 11st September of 1714).

Metro: Urquinaona (L1, L4)

Bus: V15, V17, 45

If you plan to go to the Music Palace of Catalonia and enjoy the guided tour from The Urban Suites, just take the metro in Hostafrancs (L1) and stop in Urquinaona.

Cursa Barça 2017

Next September 3rd, at 9:00 a.m., the Cursa Barça 2017 (a race of FC Barcelona) will take place during 10km of journey through the streets of Les Corts neighborhood

cursa barça 2017

The departure and arrival will take place at the esplanade of the Camp Nou.

The purpose of this race is to keep a commitment with the neighborhood of Les Corts, as well as to encourage the practice of athletics both members and club fans and athletes in general.

It is necessary to use a chip to participate, that was delivered in other editions. In case that you don´t have, the organization will give the riders a provisional chip that you have to give them back at the end of the race.

The race is open to all who want to participate and the use of the chip mentioned above is mandatory.

All registered participants will wear a commemorative t-shirt. The top five male and female qualifiers, the first partner and the first partner to arrive, as well as the top three men’s singles in the Paralympic categories will be awarded at the Barça 2017 Cursa (visually impaired, physical, wheelchair or athletics cart and Intellectually disabled).

If you come from outside Barcelona to attend the Cursa Barça 2017, our aparthotel in Barcelona, ​​The Urban Suites, is an ideal accommodation due to our location, since you only have to walk during 25 minutes or to take the metro, which from Sants Station is just 2 stops from Les Corts, the closest metro stop to the Camp Nou.

  • Location: Camp Nou Stadium | Metro L3 Paradas Maria Cristina, Les Corts, Palau Reial
  • Price: € 17 (with own chip) € 19 (with non-reusable chip) or € 22 (reusable chip included); € 11, € 13 and € 17 for FCB members
  • Registration here

Footbal Games in Camp Nou – La Liga 2017/2018

If you want to know the games that Barcelona Football Club will play in Camp Nou during the 2017/2018 season of La Liga continue reading

The classic match between Real Madrid and Barça at the Camp Nou Stadium will take place on 13rd August 2017 (Supercopa of Spain) and 5-6 May 2018 (La Liga).

August 2017

FC Barcelona vs ChapecoenseGamper 2017 Monday 7 august 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs Real MadridSupercopa de España 2017, IDA Sunday 13 august 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs BetisMatch 1 La Liga 19-20 august 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona

September 2017

FC Barcelona vs EspanyolMatch 3 La Liga 9-10 september 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs EibarMatch 5 La Liga 19-20 september 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona

October 2017

FC Barcelona vs Las PalmasMatch 7 La Liga 30-1 october 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona

November 2017

FC Barcelona vs SevillaMatch 11 La Liga 4-5 november 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona

December 2017

FC Barcelona vs CeltaMatch 14 La Liga 2-3 december 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs DeportivoMatch 16 La Liga 16-17 december 2017Camp Nou Stadium,  Barcelona

January 2018

FC Barcelona vs LevanteMatch 18 La Liga 6-7 january 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs AlavésMatch 21 La Liga 27-28 january 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona

February 2018

FC Barcelona vs GetafeMatch 23 La Liga 10-11 february 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs GironaMatch 25 La Liga 24-25 february 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona

March 2018

FC Barcelona vs Atlético de MadridMatch 27 La Liga 3-4 march 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs Athletic de BilbaoMatch 29 La Liga 17-18 march 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona

April 2018

FC Barcelona vs LeganésMatch 31 La Liga 7-8 april 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs ValenciaMatch 32 La Liga 14-15 april 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs VillarrealMatch 34 La Liga 21-22 april 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona

May 2018

FC Barcelona vs Real MadridMatch 36 La Liga 5-6 may 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona
FC Barcelona vs Real SociedadMatch 38 La Liga 19-20 may 2018Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona

There are only 20 minutes walking from Camp Nou football stadium to our Aparthotel in Barcelona, The Urban Suites. Or if you prefer to  go by metro you have only two metro stops from Sants Station, stopping in Les Corts. Contact now to request availability



Holi Festival of colors in Barcelona

Next July 29th Holi Festival of colors, the most colorful festival in India, returns to the Montjuic showground of Fira Barcelona

The Holi Festival has come back to Barcelona turned into an open air electronic music festival, combining techno, color and lots of joy. For those who do not know this party, the greatest grace is that there is no age in this celebration, no social class, no gender. All the people who participate in it throw each other brightly colored powder, they get wet with water guns to celebrate, not this time, the arrival of spring and the emulation of the colors of the flowers that brings this beautiful season .

LINE UP is composed by: UMEK, BT, Sandro Silva, WolfPack, Apster, Eelke Kleijn and DJ UCH.

Where does Holi festival come from?

The Hindu party, Holi Festival, has a traditionally religious origin. It celebrates the victory of good over bad and the arrival of spring, not only in India, but also in countries where there are large Hindu communities such as Nepal, Malaysia or South Africa.

Where is it?
At plaza del Universo in Montjuic Showground of Fira Barcelona

How to get there?

Metro: Espanya (L1 y L3)

Bus: D20, H12, H16, V7, 13, 23, 27, 37, 46, 50, 65, 79, 91, 109, 150, 165, CJ, L70, L72, L80, L81, L86, L87, L94 y L95

Price: between 20 and 30€. Tickets

The Urban Suites is an aparthotel in Barcelona, located in the heart of Sants Montjuic, from where you can walk to the Fira Barcelona Exhibition Center in less than 10 minutes. If you need a budget, contact us now and we will provide you our best offer.

Foto sacada de Wikipidea.

Foto sacada de Wikipidea.

Open Air cinema in Barcelona during the summer

Since some years in Barcelona, it is possible to enjoy during the summer of different temporary open air cinemas to watch films, both free and paid

Sala monjuicThe pleasant temperatures of the summer period favor the appetite of being enjoying the “fresh air”, reason why these ephemeral cinemas become an alternative ideal for leisure
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Spa urbano 1850

The good feeling and the positive energy after the aromatic massage and thermal route at Urban Spa 1850 are maximal

spa urbano 1850


How do people practice the constant attention of the present time, better known as mindfulness philosophy?

Last Tuesday I was enjoying so much the massage I was having at the Spa Urbano 1850, that the only thing that went through my mind during the last (I guess 10 minutes) was “Please do not finish, will she continue on the legs”. I tried to apply the mantra sat nam, to control breathing and thoughts and, although I was plenty of joy, my head only thought: “do not end, how good it is!”
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