Keep the flame of love in Saint Valentine´s

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Enamorados Montjuic by Adán Sánchez de Pedro

Enamorados en Montjuic by Adán Sánchez de Pedro

It does not matter if you have a four months or ten years relationship, it is important to be conscious that you have to take care of your couple, keep the flame on, during Saint Valentine´s day or any day of the year.

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Enjoy the popular culture of “La festa major” of Sant Antoni

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The city of Barcelona offers different popular parties not only during the summer, also during the winter in some neigborhoods. This is the case of Sant Antoni, where from 16th to 27th January is boiling due to the activity of “La Festa Major“. During these 10 days, there will be a crowd of activities for all the tastes and ages.

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The Urban Suites loves your pet

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pet at the urban suites

The Urban Suites has changed its policy about pets. From now, we accept animals with next conditions:

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Which is the plan for New Year´s Eve 2014 in Barcelona?

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New Year´s Eve 2014 is approaching and we have started to listen to our friends the typical question of every year at this point: what will you do the 31st? Some of them want to finish the year quietly and others feel like crazy party. As for the first, we will post in the next few days various proposals for dinner easy and relaxly, which also serves for the seconds, and for the seconds, we have prepared this list with which seem to be the best parties to end year in Barcelona.

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King cake workshop for children

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Roscón de reyes

King Cake

As much as if you like sweets as if is not, the Chocolate Museum is worthy to know. They are well known its sculptures of chocolate created by the best pastry chefs of Barcelona: from Gaudi’s Casa Batlló to the characters of the latest film from Pixar or classics Disney.

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The cavalcade of the Magician Kings in Barcelona

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Magical Day of the Three Kings is one of the most celebrated traditions in Barcelona and in the rest of the country. Although the Kings Magicians commission to bring gifts to all the family, children really are the stars of this special event, main beneficiaries of these gifts and obviously the most excited to participate in this big event.

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The 36th edition of Zurich maratón will take place in Barcelona next 15th March

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Another year more, the exit and arrival of the race will be held at Reina María Cristina avenue. The limit of time to end it is 6 hours from the beginning. Following the RFEA and IAAF rules, every 5 kilometres will be a point of provisioning. This areas will dispose water, isotonic drinks, fruits, vassili…

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Barcelona traps – Four days tour

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Barcelona by

Barcelona by

On April 1st 2006 I arrived to Barcelona with a huge suitcase, my laptop and my backpack. I had no plan, just to see how things were here, like I did the last 6 months in Galway Ireland. The idea was staying a few months, work so as to save some money and go on with my nomad life. But six years later I am still here, with a stable job, my rented floor and a one year old little monster.

I would have never realized that I would ended living in Barcelona. I still remember how little I felt when I walked for the first time through Paseo de Gracia. On the way I found this building that had not even one single straight line, called La Pedrera built by Gaudí. Today I can not conceive Barcelona without him, because Barcelona is Gaudí, Miró, the beach, is mountain, nightlife, tapas, gazpacho, bread with tomato, the Primavera Sound, the Sagrada Familia, Palau de la Música, Picasso Museum…It is a wide range of possibilities, that deserve to be visited and explored taking your time.

Next I am going to describe a four days tour for those who have never been to Barcelona, with some of the most emblematic places. I will obviously pass from many places, because I would nearly need ten more posts to describe every interest place, but in the future I will post about restaurants, museums, the best places to go with kids, and, why not, something about nightclubs, one has to have fun, or not??

Day 1

Monjuic: is the greenest part of the city, a mountain full of parks and gardens, that starred the 1929 International Exposition and also the 1992 Olympic Games. In this mountain is were you can find the Botanic Garden, the Olympic Stadium, Palau Sant Jordi, Sant Jordi Club, the Magic Fountain, the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Catalunya (MNAC) , the Teatre Nou (theatre) and Montjuic Castle.

Poble Espanyol: is a small recreation of Spain, where you can find Its most emblematic buildings. Every day you can see how craftsmen work (like they used to do it many years ago) wood, crystal or leather. Tickets are around 10€. In the afternoon they have gincanas (game) for kids.

Magic Fountain: is a show, generally at night, but not every day. A mix of lights, colours, playing with water and music, that make this place a very special one.

Arenas de Barcelona: this is a shopping mall inside the structure of an old bullfighting plaza. In the fourth floor you can find the only Rock Museum in Europe, and if you go up the last floor, you will find a beautiful view of Plaza España, Fira Barcelona and Montjuic.

Campo Nou: Barcelona futbol team Studium. Tickets are around 20€

Day 2

La Rambla: it is a pedestrian street where you can buy flowers, birds and many other things, it starts in the Old Port and finishes in Plaza Cataluña. Walking through it you will find the Boquería Market, Palau (Palace) de la Virreina, Liceu Theatre and Güell Palace.

Plaza Real (Royal Square): a public plaza with a trapezoide shape right next to the Rambla and situated in the Gothic neighbourhood. In here you will find two light posts designed by Gaudí itself, many restaurants with terraces and nightclubs with music to choose, like jazz, hip-hop, flamenco, commercial or indie rock.

Plaza Sant Jaume: in the middle of Ciutat Vella (Old city) it has the two most important buildings in Barcelona: the Generalitat of Cataluña and The Ayuntamiento (City Hall).

Music Palace:  a beautiful building, it is the music auditorium, designed by Lluís Domènech I Montaner, a architect from Barcelona, one of the most representative of the Catalonian modernism.

Catalonia Square: the heart of the city, a busy area full of tourists because of its beauty and the commercial activity. From the last floor of the Corte Ingles mall, you can take very nice picture of the plaza.

Day 3

Paseo de Gracia: it is the commercial avenue that goes from Diagonal Av. to Plaza Cataluña. Almost in Av.Diagonal you can see La Pedrera buit by Gaudí and the Casa Batlo.

Park Güell: from the three crosses there is a spectacular view of the city. The park has an extension of 17,18 acres and in its design you can clearly see Gaudìs hand.

Sagrada Familia: the cathedral is a catholic temple, designed by the catalonian architect Antonio Gaudí. They started building it in 1882, and it is still unfinished. You can be three hours going around it, and you will not finish seeing every single detail. It is a magnificent place. It is better if you buy your ticket online, since you will save yourself of making a big line. Price approximately: 13 € , kids free.

Día 4

Tibidabo: a 350 meters mountain that can be access in funicular o with the blue tram, the last one the city conserves. In the top you will find a remodelled amusement park, that has two exceptional attractions, the roller coaster and the terror cave, unique in Europe because of its characteristics.

Born: one of the most historic and exclusive neighbourhoods in the city. The gothic style of its streets attracted artists and bohemians, that opened innovative stores of art, fashion and restaurants. In this neighbourhood you can fin the Triumph Arch, Picasso Museum and the Ciutadella Park.

Port Vell: is the most antic part of Barcelona Port. It is where the artificial Barcelona Port was born. It is separated from the sea by breakwaters, and use to be one of the favourite places for leisure of the city. Actually Port Vell installations are intended for sport boats and vessels like the deposit pier and the Barceloneta pier.

Zoo: if you are coming with kids, one hour inside the zoo will make them happy! The Barcelona Zoo aims to conserve, investigate and educate. It has one of the most important Collections of animals in Europe.


In the last years people are starting to get use to rent apartments in Barcelona because of many reasons: more privacy, space, comfort, the possibility of preparing your own meals or whatever you want…The Urban Suites has been over two years number one in TripAdvisor because of its excellent service, the way they deal with customers and its location (outside the chaotic city centre, but well communicated with the airport, Spain Square, Camp Nou and Sants Station). Families love it, group of friends and executives too, so there is the recommendation!

BBVA Spanish Football League 2014 – 2015 at Camp Nou

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Like every year the Spanish Football League comes back. You will find below all the matches that Barça will play at Camp Nou.


FC Barcelona – Granada C.F

League – Match 6 Sat 27/09/2014 18:00


FC Barcelona – Eibar

League – Match 8 Sat 18/10/2014 20:00


FC Barcelona – Celta de Vigo

League – Match 10 Sun 2/11/2014 Day and time to confirm

FC Barcelona – Sevilla

League – Match 12 Sun 23/11/2014 Day and time to confirm


FC Barcelona – Espanyol

League – Match 14 Sun 7/12/2014 Day and time to confirm

FC Barcelona – Córdoba

League – Match 16 Sun 21/12/2014 Day and time to confirm


FC Barcelona – At. Madrid

League – Match 18 Sun 11/01/2015 Day and time to confirm


FC Barcelona – Villarreal

League – Match 21 Sun 1/02/2015 Day and time to confirm

FC Barcelona – Levante U.D.

League – Match 23 Sun 15/02/2015 Day and time to confirm

FC Barcelona – Málaga

League – Match 24 Sun 22/02/2015 Day and time to confirm


FC Barcelona – Rayo Vallecano

League – Match 26 Sun 8/03/2015 Day and time to confirm

FC Barcelona – Real Madrid

League – Match 28 Sun 22/03/2015 Day and time to confirm


FC Barcelona – Almería

League – Match 30 Wed 8/04/2015 Day and time to confirm

FC Barcelona – Valencia

League – Match 32 Sun 19/04/2015 Day and time to confirm

FC Barcelona – Getafe

League – Match 34 Wed 29/04/2015 Day and time to confirm


FC Barcelona – Real Sociedad

League – Match 36 Sun 10/05/2015 Day and time to confirm

FC Barcelona – Deportivo de La Coruña

League – Match 38 Sun 24/05/2015 Day and time to confirm

The Urban Suites is only 3 stops by metro from Camp Nou from Sants Station, 4 if you take the metro in the metro station called Tarragona.

Live theater with your family: The princess get farting as well

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In the “Teatre Poliorama” and during the next few months, October, November and December, two new shows will debut within the framework of the series Live Theatre! dedicated to the kings of the house, the little ones.

Es aquí dónde se presentará la obra “Les princeses també es tiren pets” y, en el Romea, se estrenará el espectáculo “Perduts a la Viquipèdia”.
Here is where will present the play of “The princess get farting as well” and, in “Romea Theatre”, the show “Lost in to Wikipedia” will be presented.

The first “The princess get farting as well” tells the story of the Mirror Queen who wants to find the book in which are written all the secrets of the most famous princesses in the world. From here begins a wild adventure where the end is shown that perfection does not exist and no need to.

As for ” Lost in to Wikipedia” this is a show where it joins family drama and Sciences, starring children and adults who help us see the world from a scientific standpoint.

Metro: Liceu and Plaza Catalunya

Address: Rambla dels Estudis, 115