New Year´s Eve 2014 is approaching and we have started to listen to our friends the typical question of every year at this point: what will you do the 31st? Some of them want to finish the year quietly and others feel like crazy party. As for the first, we will post in the next few days various proposals for dinner easy and relaxly, which also serves for the seconds, and for the seconds, we have prepared this list with which seem to be the best parties to end year in Barcelona.

Poble Espanyol

This will be 26th edition of New Year´s Eve Party at Poble Espanyol. There will be the classic “campanadas” (chimes), grapes (it is a Spanish tradition to eat grapes the first 12 seconds of the year), drinks, good music and you can enjoy a great atmosphere until dawn. The Feast of Poble Espanyol is a very good choice, because of its proximity to Spain Square and the Magic Fountain, where the farewell party of the year sponsored by the municipality, with fireworks and many eager celebration will take place. Also, at this event you can enjoy the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s and, at the end of the night, a great chocolate.

Schedule: from 10:30pm to 6:00am

Price: 35€ access to 2 zones. Admission includes 4 tickets drinking beer ticket + chocolate + party favors + grapes

VIP Price: 45€ access to 3 zones.

Information and tickets: +34 619305193 – Marco



Fiesta Metal + Mutt en El Molino

The Metal magazine, along with the art gallery and bookstore Mutt, organize a big party at El Molino, where they celebrate Dakota Club party once per month. The music comes from the hand of the 3 Dj’s Golden Bananas.


Price: in advance 45 €; the same night 60€ (3 drinks).

Price for the guests of Mutt & Metal: 10 € with a drink.



Teatre Principal

This is maybe one of the most painful proposals for the pocket, due to the price of the entrance.  But if you decide to go, yill enjoy a cabaret  with a dinner based on the most creative French cuisine. The good news is that you can eat at home and go straight to the party to dance with the music of 2manydjs, Dubnoise, Núria Scarp and Allan Ramirez.

Price: 60€ with 2 drinks (in advance, 50€).

Price including dinner: 180 €



Sala Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz wants to end the year with you, its slogan says it clear: “New Year’s Eve It ends and starts with you”. There are two types of entries for five rooms: one of them allows access from 10.30pm, with two drinks, t-shirt Razz’14, party favors and glass of cava and the another allows access after 00.01, which includes two drinks and a t-shirt Razz’14.

The 5 floors are:

RAZZCLUB: Elyella Djs + Amable & Gato

THE LOFT: Julian Jeweil + Baldo

LOLITA:  Sidechains + Latzaro


REX ROOM: New Year Trill: Sanatruja + Toner Horario: From 10:30pm to 6:00am.

Price at 10:30pm: in advance 50€ / ticket office 60€.

Price from 00.01h: in advance 40€ / ticket office 60€.



90’s at Apolo

Revival of the 90´s thanks to Dj Fra + Kosmos + Shelby Grey + William Dafoe. At the [2]:  Dj Coco + Mëther & Zacker + Pegatas Graham + Ferdiyei + Indiecabreado DJ.

Price Nitsa Club: in advance 15 € (with a drink); Box office 18 €  (with a drink)

Price [2]: in advance 9€ (with a drink); Box office 10€  (with a drink)

Have not found your ideal plan yet? Do not worry, in the coming days we will extend this post :)

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