Tim Easton and Her Only Presence will play next 22nd March at Rock Sound, Barcelona

Tim Easton is a Joshua Tree, California-based American guitarist and singer-songwriter playing rock and roll music.

Easton was raised in Akron, Ohio, forming the band Kosher Spears while at college.He travelled abroad for a time, busking in London, Paris, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and Ireland, and on his return to the US in the mid-1990s he joined The Haynes Boys. When the band split up, Easton embarked on a solo career, with his debut album, Special 20, released in 1998.He subsequently relocated to California, signed a deal with EMI Publishing, and a record deal with New West Records.

Easton won the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards Vox Pop award for ‘Best Americana Song’ with “Burgundy Red”. His album also won the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards Vox Pop vote for best Album Packaging.

Her Only Presence’ compositions have the gift of taking you back to the marvellous 90’s. It was the time when bands such as Mineral, Penfold and Appleseed Cast started appearing in university radio stations in the USA. No place for striking fashion poseur, it is only music from the heart. The third album of the band headed by Luis Cifre, You’re Never Back, has been recorded in La Atlántida Studio and mastered by Chris Crisci (Appleseed Cast, Old Canes). It gets back that purity and genuineness smoothly, between the minimalist and the sensitive, with no tricks or waffle songs. Recommended for fans of American Football, Death Cab for Cutie and the previously mentioned bands.

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