Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire, the famous Canadian  indie rock band, will perform in Barcelona as part of the Primavera Sound Festival line-up, with what appears to be the only concert in Spain for the coming year.

Primavera Sound Festival

Besides the already famous tracks like We Used to Wait, Rebellion (Lies) and Wake U, the canadians will present their new album entitled Reflektor, released with a powerful guerrilla marketing campaign , including secret street acts, encrypted messages and the release of a limited edition under the name of a fictional band, “The Reflektors”.

Bottom line: this concert is bound to bring lots of surprised together with some excelent music, and it’s certainly not something you want to miss! The will perform on Thursday, the 29th of May, as part of the Primavera Sound Festival, and will be accompanied by other great names of the international music stage like Queens of the Stone Age, Pixies, Nine Inch Nails and The National.

We’ll leave you with this video of Wake-Up, which will certainly get you in the mood for a concert!!


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