Open Air cinema in Barcelona in summer

Since some years in Barcelona, it is possible to enjoy during the summer of different temporary open air cinemas to watch films, both free and paid

Sala monjuicThe pleasant temperatures of the summer period favor the appetite of being enjoying the “fresh air”, reason why these ephemeral cinemas become an alternative ideal for leisure
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Spa urbano 1850

The good feeling and the positive energy after the aromatic massage and thermal route at Urban Spa 1850 are maximal

spa urbano 1850


How do people practice the constant attention of the present time, better known as mindfulness philosophy?

Last Tuesday I was enjoying so much the massage I was having at the Spa Urbano 1850, that the only thing that went through my mind during the last (I guess 10 minutes) was “Please do not finish, will she continue on the legs”. I tried to apply the mantra sat nam, to control breathing and thoughts and, although I was plenty of joy, my head only thought: “do not end, how good it is!”
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The most interesting summer festivals in Barcelona

Primavera Sound 2017, Sonar, Vida Festival, Cruilla…………..

I think we all feel how the summer is coming to Barcelona. We noticed it looking at the people and how they use less clothes, more people wearing shorts, no jacket, more girls wearing dress without stockings … The terraces are full, people are generally happier. And apart from going to the beach, how do people have fun in Barcelona? Doing outdoor activities, such as going to the open air cinema at Sala Montjuic or going to concerts and festivals, among other things. There is something for everyone. That´s why we have made a much wider selection of the most interesting events that will take place during the summer.


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Possible plans after work in Barcelona

One of the things we like to do most after work is to go and have a few drinks with some friends. But those people, who travel for business to Barcelona, do not have it so easy in this regard, unless they have come accompanied, that they go out with a colleague from work or they meet someone in the city.

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MonDoré Gastronomic Brewery in Sant Antoni

The octopus with the parmentier we tested at MonDoré, a fantastic brewery in Sant Antoni, is one of the best we have ever had in recent months

pulpo parmentier - mondore cervecería gastronómicameloso - mondore cervecería gastronomicapuerros con romesco - mondore cervecería gastronomicatorrijas - cerveceria gastronomica mondore

MonDoré brewery is focused to all types of public, both for families with children looking for simple dishes such as pizzas or cocas, as well as business people looking for something more refined dishes. The menu contains from croquettes and patatas bravas, to more sophisticated dishes like the above-mentioned octopus or the syrupy with meat sauce cooked at low temperature.

As far as drinks are concerned, MonDoré offers up to 30 varieties of beer. In fact, it has its own craft beer, with 30% of hops that gives you the bitterness and a touch of honey and grapefruit. They make cocktails with or without alcohol and traditional sangria or with cava.

Our experience was very positive at this brewery. First we tried their beer and we were amazed, since neither of us are very fans of the craft beer in general, but we liked it a lot this one.

When they started to bring the dishes they put us a white garnacha wine, fruity and volatile, without much persistence in the mouth, but with a good acidity.

Our dinner consisted of:

  1. Iberian ham croquettes
  2. Crystalized leek with peanut romesco souce
  3. Tuna tataki with creamy avocado and seaweed salt
  4. Octopus “a la llauna” with carved potato
  5. Cheek veal with caramelized red onion
  6. The dessert… Oh the dessert…! Catalan cream foam on lemon ice cream and French toast with yogurt ice cream. Delicious.

The guests of The Urban Suites have a walk, from our tourist apartments in Barcelona to MonDoré, of only 10 minutes.

Address: Floridablanca 3

Telephone: +34 934 260 456


Monday Close
Tuesday 1:00-5:00pm, 7:00pm-00:00
Wednesday 1:00-5:00pm, 7:00pm-00:00
Thursday 1:00-5:00pm, 7:00pm-00:00
Friday 1:00-5:00pm, 7:00pm-2:00am
Saturday 1:00-5:00pm, 7:00pm-2:00am
Sunday 1:00-5:00pm



Argot BCN

Would you like to enjoy a brunch in Sant Antoni at a reasonable price? Then go to Argot BCN

Bocatería Argot

If there is something that characterizes to Argot BCN is its sandwiches, as Argot is not the typical place to go to eat a Spanish ham sandwich or the traditional “bikini” (Catalan sandwich with sweet ham and cheese). No. It’s a place to go to enjoy every bite you give to the sandwich you choose, because they have been delicately caring of that for you to feel the flavors of each of the ingredients.
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Ocho BCN Gastrobar

Ocho BCN GastrobarRomantic restaurant in Sant Antoni

Last week we went to have dinner at the Ocho Bcn Gastrobar and enjoyed a romantic dinner served with great affection by Fabianna.
ocho bcn gastrobar

The atmosphere was very cozy and intimate, accompanied by images projected in black and white of different silent films and jazz music in a perfect volume to listen to the companion and speak without having to raise the voice.
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We visited Can Miserias and here you have our experience

Can Miserias: traditional Catalan cuisine with fresh and local products since 1921

Few restaurants in Barcelona can boast of having opened doors for almost a century and keep offering quality product with excellent service. Arrive to Can Miserias is to enter to the Barcelona of the past, is to be attended by Jose, the meter that has served for more than 46 years the tables of this historic restaurant. Someone who serves the diners with passion and affection, who loves his work, who goes to the market every morning to get the best product: fresh, local and close.

croquetas - can miserias


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Mosques in Barcelona

It is Ramadam untill 18th July, that´s why we have made a list of mosques in Barcelona. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim lunar year, during this month muslims do not eat during the day, until the night arrives

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SEVC 2017

SEVC 2017, a new edition in Barcelona from 9th to 11st November at the premises Congress Palace of Catalonia


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