Sala Montjuic 2015 program

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A few days ago the open air cinema festival began at Sala Montjuic, located in the castle gardens. The program this year is very powerful, until now the films that have been broadcast are: 10,000km, Cinema Paradiso and Boyhood. Today you can see Amercian Hustle.

sala montjuic

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Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya de MotoGP™ 2015

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Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya de MotoGP 2015 will be held from 12nd to 15th June at Circuit de Barcelona

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Foo Fighters will perform next 19th November at Sant Jordi Palace

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Dave Grohl’s band will give an unique concert in Spain, it will take place at Sant Jordi Palace in Barcelona next 19th November. The former drummer of Nirvana, mythical band of the nineties, leads one of the most representative bands of American rock, with which celebrates 20 years on this tour.

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Main concerts of Barcelona during April 2015

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We have made a selection with the musical events that we consider more relevant during the month of April


Groundation is an American reggae band that combines jazz influences, fusion funk and dub. They released their last album in 2014, entitled A Miracle. His music is filled with love, peace and hope, what it honors its name, which make a pun between Ground and nation, to advocate for a horizontal world socially, without hierarchies.

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Some recommendations for families during Holy Week in Barcelona

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Although Spring started with rain in Barcelona, during the Holy Week the weather will be nicer in this area of the Mediterraneo than in the rest of Spain, according to the Statal Meteorologic Agency. If this issue affected to the destiny decision for your holidays, you have a magnific option in Barcelona.

There are a variety of activities to do with kids on Easter in Barcelona, in which none of the two parties will get bored. Visit the zoo or aquarium, stroll along La Rambla…

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Five usefull apps to use in Barcelona

Usefull Apps Barcelona

It does not matter if you live in Barcelona or if you come for just a few days, these five usefull apps will make easier your day to day life. You will find maps, virtual parking meter, guides, take away food in 10 minutes or the time you have to wait for the next bus.

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Next 14th march the Toy Story Marathon will take place in Caixa Forum

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Toy Story is a classic of modern animation, the first Pixar film premiered at the cinema. This is the first long film entirely created with images made by computer.

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Barcelona Carnival will take place from 12nd to 18th February

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Numerous activities from 12nd to 18th February will be held in Barcelona for the carnival. During the 12th in particular, there is a traditional act of Barcelona in which seven ambassadors that represents every seven ancient villas, will appear on the market of Sants. The route they will do is the following: Plaça de Sant Cugat, Carrer dels Carders, placeta d’en Marcús, carrer de Montcada, Passeig del Born and Mercat del Born.

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Exhibition at CaixaForum Barcelona: Pixar, 25 years of animation

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During almost three decades since they started, Pixar has won 25 Oscars, 11  Grammies and 7 Golden Globes. Who does not know the clown fish from “Finding Nemo“, the adventures of the dolls from “Toy Story” or cooker rat of  “Ratatouille“?

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Sónar 18.19.20 June 2015 Music, Creativity & Technology

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Sonar 2015 is one of the most influential festivals of electronic, experimental music and digital art. This year bands as The Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip, Skrillex, Die Antwoord or Jaimie XX are in the lineup. If you don´t know yet what are we talking about,  we recommend you to see the next video:

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